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Nascentes Morimur


Kenneth Greene (Vocals and Bass Guitar)

From the moment we are born, we begin to die.

With the release of their third album, Elliott’s Keep returns in full force, delivering their…

Entitled Sine Qua Non, this the bands sophomore effort and delivers on the promise of the debut! Mountainous riffing, doom wall layers of sound, epic…

Elliott's Keep have delivered one of the freshest sounding Metal CD's in 2008… epic album… great production enhances the crushing riffing of this…


Wills Session Ep. 1 (Special Edition)


Ezra Vancil (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Mandolin, Percussion, Electric/Acoustic, Mix)

Ezra Vancil & Leslie Wills started their first band together as teenagers; learning together the beginnings of songwriting and performing love songs.…

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Sinners & Slaves (Saints)


Ezra Vancil (Guitar/Drums/keys/Bass,)

Sinners & Saints is a collection of songs recorded between 2005-2012 by Ezra Vancil formally of the Ezra/Thomas production duo. Ezra released under…

A Retrospective. Remastered the best of Ezra all on one disc with special bonus tracks song before I go and One Man.



"The artist’s playing, his musicianship, his skills in songwriting and composition, his awareness of what works and his limited concern for that…

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Ten Days to Burn it Down


Paul Bibbins (recorded, mixed, and mastered by)