• Collection: Intimatitudes
My little ray of sunshine
You greet me in the morning time
The shape of your love is all through my vision
And it preys on my heart’s inclination

To move forward
And not look backward
Our momentum will carry me away
At least for the…

What was the last of your final thoughts?
Did you miss all your chances, and all the times you fought?

Does she know you love her
even though she isn't here?
Did they all come true—all the things you feared?

Here at the end, what have…

Wind bloomed the flowers by,
And rays of summer tended to their colors.
Nature lead him into a loving arm
On a day of self made sorrows.

The day's loneliness glorified.
The day’s loneliness glorified.
The day joylessness committed…

Today you are becoming the story you'll be. An entirety composed in a few minutes.

Repeated, rewritten, and sung... you'll never know all the things you've done.

Mournful, hysterical, embittered... didn't you choose how you'd be remembered.…

Do you look in the mirror to see yourself,
Or to make sure you’re properly hidden?

You shouldn't have to look in the mirror... (Look in the mirror.)
Who knows what you will find?
Looking through the glass of your eyes
Are those even…

Dawn sets upon the heartbreak of reality.
And the sun lights the darkest of our shadows.
My shadow's shadow has no friend--and I feel loneliest with you.

You've lit our whole world
From the ashes of desire
Our forests have burned down…

Have you ever seen the kiwi tree?
Well neither have I.
But Wouldn't you like to eat one with me?
We can certainly try...

If he wasn't a tool before he said "I do.”
He certainly will be afterwards—as they all do.
If it weren't for…