Music Detour: The DFW Local Music Archive


  1. The Wonder Boys Are Back and Ready to Take Action Against Those Who Defaced the Jesus Statue 00:46
  2. Mary Jane Merrick 03:39
  3. Fayetteville, Or Take Me Out to the Ball Game for I Have Nothing Left to Lose 05:44
  4. Abraham 02:45
  5. Eudora 02:30
  6. Walnut Ridge 03:22
  7. A Weekend in the Ozark Mountains 03:26
  8. The Kansa Indians, Or The Arkansas General Assembly Gathers in Little Rock to Discuss the New Pronunciation of Their Great Land 03:56
  9. Noah's Ark & Joseph's Saw: A Tale of Epic Proportions 03:08
  10. Bill, Oh Bill!! Or A New Hope for Hope, Arkansas, Or Monica Lewinsky Has Nothing on Us 04:20
  11. The Beautiful South Part I: Father 05:43
  12. The Beautiful South Part II: Son (20 Years Later) 03:34
  13. Sins of the Father 02:50
  14. Land of Opportunity Part I: Lafayette County, Part II: A Better Home 05:27

Adam Cain (Vocals)