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Ezra Vancil is an American singer/songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. While in the past he has written and recorded in the rock, pop, and experimental genres, a more mature Vancil has now found a sense of permanent belonging and connection within the community of Americana artists. His life experiences shared in song can be serious and contemplative - touching on themes of addiction, depression, and divorce - but Vancil chronicles his escape from darkness with expressions of hope and love of life that are both inspiring and healing.

After a decade of sever depression and a near deadly battle with addiction, Ezra disavowed his old life of lonely creative seclusion and embraced the community around him. His latest release 'Ezra Vancil & The Congregation - Live From the Deep' is a live album representing his own personal experiment in a more communal way of life and also the music experience. The first step in 'The Congregation,' was a series of live events. This 'Congregation event' was captured on January 17th 2016 with a live audience, and a congregation of vocalist taking part in the music.

  1. Error of Days (Live) 03:55
  2. Paradise (Live) 05:00
  3. Wild Girl (Live) 04:20
  4. If I didn't Know God Is good (Live) 05:07
  5. Black Line (Live) 03:46
  6. Everybody Leaves (Live) 03:56
  7. Peace On The Morning (Live) 05:30
  8. History Of Love (Live) 04:37
  9. Broken King (Live) 05:49
  10. Love Is A War (Live) 06:01
  11. Song Before I Go (Live) 07:05

Ezra Vancil (All songs Written By)
Ezra Vancil & Leslie wills (History of Love Writen By)
Ezra Vancil (Vocals, Guitar)

The congregation:

Aaron Thomas (Drums /Percussion)
Lori Martin (Bass)
Kent smith (Keyboards)
Sam Remero (Electric Guitar)

Vocals: Mimi Vancil Scott Romack Adam Palmer Lizbet Palmer Isaac Vancil Kat wilkinson Ebbye Faust Joshua Kumler Carlee kagel

Other: Tim Taylor (Stage Manger) Siouxsie Romack (Photographer) Ben Lindsey (Videographer)