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10^9 YEARS

The Tracks
The lyrics and main music for all songs on Skepsis and Sepsis: 10^9 Years of Hits were written by KW except for "Fog" which was written by DB (lyrics and main music), "Elephant" and "Fist" the music for which was jointly written by DB and KW (mostly DB) and the lyrics of which were written by KW. All guitar solos were performed by DB except those on "Sick" and "Fist". DB organized the recording and production of all tracks with the assistance of Lee Reighard. The tracks were recorded in Iowa City at The Castle Mulnix - if memory serves - some in 2003 and some in 2005 or thereabout.


Ken Williford (KW) - vocals, rhythm and lead guitars
Pete LeGrant - Drums
Casey "The Boiler" Boyle - Bass
David "Brad" Bradish III (DB) - background vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, recording and production