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Dallas, TX

American Werewolf Academy have an affinity for 1970s sticky power chords and whiskey-coated vocals, the wild absurdity of Roky Erickson and a deep love of Cheap Trick-styled hooks.

Comprising of Aaron Thedford on guitar, Jake Barnhart on bass, Tony Harper on drums and Jon Binford hail from Dallas, TX of USA and release unique and fun, high energy rock 'n' roll. The band has toured with Centro-matic and label mates Wussy. File under: rock, anthems, fun Recent Press

8/10 "Singer Aaron Thedford is their secret weapon, with his Brian Fallon-esque tones injecting a weathered cool into the more worldly-wise numbers, while during peppier moments, he sounds uncannily like Robert Pollard (Young Wild Free is practically a paean to Isolation Drills). Surrounded by chunky chords and heroic melodies, he makes plain ol' pop songs seem like the only thing you'll ever need. No fancy ideas necessary.