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Dallas, TX

Elliott's Keep has delivered one of the freshest sounding Metal CD's in 2008. epic album.. great production enhances the crushing riffing of this band. fine old-school headbanging metal going on. Highly Recommended. 9/10 EARTHDOG

Solitude Aeturnus will always be the first name in Texas doom metal, but in Elliott's Keep, I believe I have found the second. METALREVIEW.COM

ELLIOTT'S KEEP combines measured Epic Doom with elements of classic Heavy Metal and known Thrash/Death trademarks. Thus the whole sound gains diversion and originality. The widespread epic parts are brilliant at heavy guitar riffs and Doom pathos. Who expects native Doom Rock has to be disabused while listening to "In Medias Res", because the Metal hammer is fairly swung. ELLIOTT'S KEEP plays, in fact, hot-blooded Epic Death Doom. a diversified, premium instrumental and well-produced album. DOOM METAL FRONT

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