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Dallas, TX

Clay Pendergrass is a respected performer, involved with some of the most influential musical projects to come out of Dallas. As a guitarist, bassist and percussionist, he's recorded and toured with David Garza, Jackopierce, American Horse, and Vibrolux. In addition, his musical persona has expanded to create unique and colorful experiences with players around Dallas/Ft. Worth and this music is available on his label, Claysounds. If you witness the Woodrow Wilson High School graduate around town in the band, DJ EWI, prepare for a blend of dub and ambient breakbeats as a soundtrack to a collage of abstract images. Looking for Americana-style rock that's not afraid to flirt with jazz and psychedelic influence? Then be sure to catch Clay and his brother Trey with the band, Vaqueros Electronicos. Make a third date to listen to Morning Elephant, Clay's excursion into soul, pop, & dub. In every occasion, expect bright sound and vibration from a Clay Pendergrass live experience.