Albums :


Peezee's hit album, THE PURGE.

Intro - Produced By Ahch Sharath  

Intro - Produced By Ahch Sharath  

Mouth Lip Service  

Hunnid Fold feat. Peezee  

Think You Goin feat. Shod  

Till The End feat. Shod  

Mafia Music- Dub feat. Peezee & Shod  


I Need You feat. Maskerade  

Hebrew Plug feat. Shod & Peezee  

Hold Up  

Awakening - Louie Misery feat. Shod & Peezee  

Warrior feat. Dub  

Virtuous Woman  

Mashed Potatoes feat. Maskerade  

Judah feat. Shod  

Wake Em Up- Produced By TJ Cash  

High Time feat. Ephraim Da Truth  

For Your Namesake  

Atmosphere feat. Maskerade  

The Purge feat Fred & The Genius AHAYAH  

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