Ethnic Detour’s diverse group brings variety to its music

Emerson Blais, staff writer | Posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 12:00 am

Walking into the She-Sha Cafe & Hookah Lounge is like entering Constantinople. The first impression is one of a crowded, chaotic, but comfortable cacophony. After making it past the initial wall of indiscernible smoke at the doorway, strawberry, apple, and grape tobacco blends drag nostrils toward comfortable seating and board games.

Some people hang out at the lounge to throw down at backgammon or do homework, while others enjoy simply puffing on pipes and listening to great local music.

With more and more rain-soaked socialites pouring into the room every minute, Blacksburg?s own Ethnic Detour took the stage last Thursday night as the line fo

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