People say that there's nothing musically different being produced in rock 'n roll these days...and that everything sounds the same. That is not the case with Paul Bibbins; his brand of rock ‘n roll music is different, unconventional, and refreshing.

Paul Bibbins is originally from New Orleans, but in late 2005 Hurricane Katrina uprooted him to Texas; and he’s lived in the Dallas area ever since.

The lyrics of Paul’s songs never come from personal experiences…as is normal for most song writers. He says, “If I tried writing a song about some personal experience or life experience, it would probably sound contrived or forced. As a result, listening to the lyrics of my songs won’t tell you much about me, my beliefs, or my thought processes.”

Paul’s guitar playing odyssey began in 1973 when he was 17 years old. He initially planned on becoming a bass player. But when he heard the funk rock lead guitar playing of Om

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