"A winner is just a loser who didn't know when to quit"... a phrase that is written on a wall, in a club in Nashville Tennessee, where Rob was playing one night recently. A phrase that should be his own personal theme song. Considering he's written so many great songs about losers, and being unlucky, and golden boys, and those who seem to land on their feet. He likes to refer to himself as an underdog. And after hearing his story, you would believe it too.
With over 140 songs written, 4 albums recorded, 1 book published, a song that will soon be featured in a major movie, and countless co-writes, you would think that he is far from anything resembling an underdog. Yet he still flys directly under the radar screen of every media source in his hometown. Sure he is extremely popular in other countries and states, yet you almost hear very little about him in and around the metroplex where he lives.
Being a successful songwriter for over 12 years is not an easy task for anyone. Continui

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