Shalawam brothers and sisters it’s your boy Shod Yasharahala Judah. When I was in the world they knew me as Raeshond or Shod… While doing the worldly rap scene. I was speaking on a lot of madness drugs, violence, women, and jewelry. I found myself battling with inner demons on a daily basis. I finally gave up the worldly rap scene. I gave my life fully to the Most High AHAYAH. I decided I still wanted to be involved in music so I went into management. I was managing a few artists. At that same time, the Most High put it into my spirit to do my music for RIGHTEOUSNESS instead of madness. Once I turned to Deuteronomy 28 and began to read the chapter. I can tell a change started to happen. After that day I found myself back in the booth again after a 10-year hiatus from rapping. Now everything that I do is all for the Most High Ahayah and for the benefit of waking up my people. Qam Yasharahala (Rise o’ Israel) Qam Yasharahala



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