The Motel Pines might be indie. They might be an alternative. They might also be punk. Whatever they are, they play catchy, earnest songs of love and despair and about what it means to be human.

Formed in Dallas, TX in 2015, after the long musical hiatus of singer and principal songwriter Michael Carrasco, The Motel Pines have come out of their corner swinging making an immediate impression on the independent music scene.

Their debut full-length album A Sad History, produced by the esteemed Salim Nourallah, was recorded at Pleasantry Lane Studio in Dallas. It’s already receiving a great deal of attention at college and non-commercial radio stations worldwide.

Their music is noticeably influenced by the punk-rock background of Carrasco but is tempered by the backbone of the rhythm section: bassist John Rowland and drummer Mark Starling. Rowland’s influences cross the gamut of an early ‘9

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