Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, The Phantom Sensation (TPS) gives a new name to Folk-Punk music; “Blackgrass.” This unique genre is a blend between Twangy Folk and Punk/Rock music, often switching gears between traditional sounds and a more gritty feel. Their Southern Gothic narrative tells a dynamic story through a range of emotions and unique settings.

With a new line up and new material, TPS is back in action. Leading on vocals, Brandon and Jessica Burnett create a seamless harmony that now characterizes their sound. Brandon “Broke String” earned his nickname on guitar, after years of breaking strings and writing music, a testament to his passion. On banjo, harmonica, and tambourine, Jessica Marie is perhaps the most versatile musician in the group. On the drum kit, Aaron “Papa Bear” Burke draws much inspiration from his years playing metal music, adding a powerful twist to the a

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