The Prof.Fuzz 63 is a Dallas-based lo-fi fuzzed-out garage-folk trio that's been described by one listener as the 'love child of Tom Waits and the Supersuckers.' Someone else said we sound like the Velvet Underground, ' but not as cool as Lou Reed, because, who is?' Yet another critic said we sounded like ' 1991 Mudhoney with fuzzed out guitars and British Invasion organ.' We're ok with those descriptions. We sing songs about food, sex, kittens, crustaceans, pandas, seduction & disappointment, Minnie Pearl, and nick cave. You know, the intersections where idyllic fantasies get broadsided by the under-insured 18-wheelers of real-life running the red light. The Prof.Fuzz 63 features Professor Fuzz on guitar and payphone vocals, Sleepy Redhead on organ, and Mr. B on drums.

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